About us

It all got started because of a hobby sewing bags for friends and family, using fabrics and combinations that inspired us. They were so successful, that we decided to go ahead and start with a small collection.

“We are inspired by things that we like, and only the things we like! From there the name Allwelove”

We only use noble local fabrics such as linen, wool and cotton, all proceeding from artisanal workshops and ecological harvest. Moreover, all of our pieces are sown in Spain in order to create fair trade products.

“The style is simple yet sophisticated. We need to like it at first and then we decide the rest. Of course, we value above all its practicality and simplicity”

On top of Elle Macpherson, others like the princess Charlene of Monaco, Carolina Herrera and Naomi Campbell are amongst the lucky owners of an Allwelove.