About us

“We’ve known each other for several years now, but the adventure started in Madrid, when Paloma moved from Catalonia”.

Paloma started out as a fashion designer for a children’s shop. Inés, on the other hand, worked as a decorative photographer. However, they both shared the same passion for handbags, so they decided to start a business project.

“It all started as a hobby, and encouraged by our friends, in 2015 we decided to found Allwelove. A brand that represents us and that perfectly combines our passions, hence its name, it is “everything we love”. We are convinced that Spanish fashion has a lot to give and we want to show the world that “Made in Spain” is synonymous with quality, elegance and trend”.

Allwelove is the result of this common love for fashion and “Made in Spain”; the bags represent the perfect blend of timeless, original, versatile design and durable, functional materials. Based in Madrid’s Aravaca district, each bag is carefully designed and handmade from the finest fabrics, suede and genuine leather.

“Our creations weigh very little and are very functional, with very modern designs; noble fabrics and pure wool fabrics for winter, linen and cotton for summer. We have set up this website to show you all our collections, which are inspired by experiences, travel, everyday life and art”.

Allwelove aims to create attractive bags, suitcases, and toiletry bags that combine functionality, style, personalisation, longevity and distinction under sustainable practices, by implementing the finest materials in the industry. Thanks to the artistic and creative appreciation that each piece represents.

The simple, clean, cutting edge concept allows each piece to speak for itself.